Our story goes back to 1998, when Lagranja Design founders, Gabriele Schiavon y Gerard Sanmartí, met at Fabrica, the communication research center at Treviso (Italy). That’s when the partnership, fun and a few heated disagreements, started… and we haven’t stopped working together yet.

In 2002, we founded Lagranja Design, a multidisciplinary design studio where we work on all kind of projects only two main conditions: having fun and never repeating ourselves. The name (Spanish for “the farm”) comes from the street where our first studio was. We loved the idea of likening our work to a farm, where everything is kind of wild and unpredictable.

At the studio, we design product and interiors, although we are open to all kind of projects. The spaces we create always have some storytelling, we want their users to look for the stories behind the objects. We create bespoke, unique pieces and specific furniture for most of our projects. We want to surprise, not to overwhelm.

In 2010 this adventure took us to Hong Kong, and later to Singapore. Just a year later, we opened an office in Istanbul, partnering with our friend Tunga Taysal.

As if that wasn’t enough to keep us busy, two years ago we launched Lagranja Collection, our self-edited furniture catalogue.

After more than 15 years, and a bigger and more global team, we are just as wild as we were when we meet. And we still want to have fun!


Gerard Sanmartí

Creative Director & Founder


Gabriele Schiavon

Creative Director & Founder


María Ruiz Ulibarri

Product designer


José Manuel Fernández

Architect and interior designer


Tunga Baysal

Istanbul managing partner


Deborah Er

Singapore managing partner


Marilo Vila

Office manager


Laie Pradas

Graphic designer


Maria Berges

Architect and interior designer


Anna Mercader

Interior designer


Eulalia Castells

Interior designer

Enrich Fortaner

Industrial designer


Jordi Catalina

Interior designer


Noa Massanet

Interior designer


Roger López

Interior designer



Cyril Lee, Hong Kong | Mario Pardo, Barcelona | Janire Delgado, Barcelona | Anna Brenelli, Italia | Silvia Giustozzi, Italia |Paula Ramiro , Barcelona | Cristina Florensa, Barcelona | Silvia Cabo, León | Federico Alfonso, Padova | Pablo Dorigo, Venice, Italy |Rocío Sánchez de la Torre, Zaragoza | Andrea Figueres, Sitges | Alejandra Perini, Colombia | Josmil Baldin, Venice, Italy | Octavio Barrera, Canary Islands | Cristina Blanco, Masnou |Kay Humlet, Poland |Sangeun Lee, Korea |Jing Sun, China |Laia Fuste, Castelló d’Empúries | Olga Pajares, Barcelona | Cristian Marín, Barcelona | Eugènia Pruns, Barcelona | Yann Figueiredo, Bélgica |Ferran Mayoral, Barcelona | Hansel Schloupt , Francia | Agnese Canesso, Treviso | Alvaro Fernández-Goula, Barcelona | Oliver Pecharroman, Barcelona | Cesare Bizzotto, Padova | Max Enrich, Barcelona | Eulàlia Llovet, Barcelona | Diego Gutierrez, Guadalajara | Giulia Urlando, Milano | Clara Capó, Ciutadella | Clara Niubo, Berga | Marc Fabra, Barcelona | Mariana Allocco, Rosario | Jacopo Bartolato, Treviso | Albert Josa, Barcelona | Rogier Beeftink, Holanda | Elisa Medina, Mexico DF | Alberto Gobber, Vicenza | Paolo Princi, Genova | Therese Granlund, Örebro | Sarah Jud, Rain | Cristian Serch, Barcelona | Ferran Lajara, Barcelona | Andrea Cattarin, Treviso | Carlos Lleó, Barcelona | Mireia Costa, Lleida | Daniele Speranza, Lecce | Sandra Moser, Zurich | Bea Chateau, Barcelona | Marco Zavagno, Trieste | Sergio Schito, Foggia | Annette Hugentobler, Zurich | Montserrat Garcia, Barcelona | Ramon Pezzarini, Udine


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