Almogavers Business Factory | Barcelona, Spain | Barcelona Activa, 2011

Lagranja Lagranja develops the architectural project and interior design of the new business hub created by Barcelona´s City Council in the 22@ district in Poble Nou.

The complete renovation of this 5.500 sq.meter industrial space, includes ‘boxes’ designed to accommodate new start-up companies, as well as several common service areas.

Lagranja has deliberately incoporated natural light as a significant element in the transformation of the original and dark warehouse space.

Its impactful facade, color, generous amount of natural light, and signage contribute to make this building a vibrant place.

An ideal site to fuel successful entrepreneurial activity in the city.


Associate architect: Jaume Sanmartí Graphic design: Supperstudio

Photography: Meritxell Arjalaguer, Sonia Hirai


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