Zoo wall light | Marset, Spain | 2008

We had had the idea for a wall fitting using leds for quite some time. When we started to develop it, we realised that we would have to dissipate the heat generated. As a consequence, a practical necessity came to form the aesthetic basis of the final design: the heat sink shade, which was made from injection-moulded, lacquered alluminium.

The name “Zoo” springs from the company name ‘lagranja’ (‘the farm’ in Spanish). A few months ago, we took the decision to give our products names connected to the animal kingdom.

This wall light is made with injected transparent polycarbonate that gives it an aesthetic that is both modern and light. The diffuser rotates, which allows the beam of light to be pointed in a direct or indirect way. The light source is made of 3 LEDs of 3W each. Available in aluminum, white and orange.



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