Hevia house | Sant Cugat, Spain | Private client, 2005

This building occupies an extremely narrow plot between adjoining buildings, and its 240 square metres are distributed vertically on six floors. The original building was planned as a home by the architect Gustavo Coderch, but was never completed. All that has been retained are the exterior cladding of fibre-cement panels, and the movable slats in the windows on the front façade.

The project’s aim is to give each floor its own character through the use of different materials in a simple, economical and engaging way.

A patio located at the rear of the house fulfils the role of indoor garden and provides light for the ground floor and mezzanine, which is designed to be a workplace.
The “public” area: kitchen, dining room and lounge, occupy the two top floors, and are visually connected by a double space.

A spiral staircase of galvanised steel takes you onto the roof, where there is a swimming pool overlooking the monastery.


Photography: Luis Hevia


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