Lola street lamp | Metalco, Italy | 2011

She is not just another street lamp. And what makes her different?. There are many led street lights, and most of them give-off a blinding light. Lola doesn´t do that. How come?

Well, it works in a way that follows the so-called optical principle of Deflection. Meaning, its light is directed towards the walls of its reflective cover, that acts as a collector and deflector, which then points the light towards the street.

Lola´s coated reflector collects the entire LEDs’ emission and directs the light to the central projector. Offering several advantages: the LED’s side emission does not get wasted, the light remains uniform, does not blind or lose intensity. Yielding high efficiency when illuminating the target.

Lola´s head is much smaller and flat than traditional street lamps. It is not random it reminds a radiator. In fact it was conceived to dissipate temperature generated by the light source. Solving this way, an aesthetic element and a practical need.

The base of the post has a profile with an ondulated section to avoid posted stickers and signs.

Its aluminum body resists abrasions, corrosion and UV rays. All its components are completely recyclable and mercury-free.

Lola achieves the balancing act between functionality and expressiveness. Its discreet appearance and compact head, lets lola blend within different urban contexts.


ADI Design Index Selection

Delta Plata 2012