Gonzaga | Mantua, Italy | Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali, 2002

The client: the Mantua City Council; 130 the number of days the exhibition was open; 514,000: the number of tickets sold, and 3,300,000€: the amount taken in ticket sales.

The exhibition design transforms the Fruttiere, the former stables of the magnificent palace, into a museum space for enjoying ninety masterpieces from the history of Western painting – Cristo morto by Andrea Mantegna, La toilette di Venere by Guido Reni and Concilio degli Dei by Pietro Paolo Rubens, among others– and almost two hundred pieces of jewelry, glassware, arms, bronze sculptures and musical scores.

An emblematic and exemplary selection of the heirlooms of the Gonzaga family at their moment of greatest splendor (1626-1627).


In collaboration with Fabrica

Graphic Design: Ramon Marín Photography: Stefano Beggiato


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