LightLAB Showroom Lamp | Terrassa, Spain | Lamp, 2015

LightLAB, the new Lamp Lighting Showroom had to be used, on one hand, to exhibit and introduce Lamp luminaries utility and, on the other hand, to provide a reunion space. Thus, it was chosen to create a structure in which two wavy screens consisting of coloured and textured tubes have a center stage.

Different light sources evidence volumes, textures and colours on the screen surfaces (natural carton, coated carton and textile), giving priority to the light effects rather than to the luminaries. While colours and textures are protagonists of one of the screens, the other one is made of various dyed woods.

Both work as room dividers of three atmospheres, one aimed for retail illumination, another one for hospitality illumination and finally, a third one for general illumination. Frontally, they embrace an area than can be a meeting room as well as a small auditorium. At the rear, a space where to manipulate and house the luminaries that previously could only be seen, has been created. The modular oak ceiling serves a practical assembly function, and in turn as a support to dignify the own luminaries.


LAMP Showroom1
LAMP Showroom2
LAMP Showroom4
LAMP Showroom5
LAMP Showroom6
LAMP Showroom7
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