Make It Better | Make it Better, Portugal | 2009

Make it Better is the new line of kit furniture of the Portuguese company Movelpartes.

Lagranja, invited by Guta Moura Guedes – who is leading since the beginning of the year the artistic direction of the company – designs for Make it Better Mus and Birdie, a writting desk and a TV table, both very low cost. Democratic objects easy and fast to assemble, distributed in retail chain and DIY stores.

Designing Mus Birdie we wanted to play with new rules: no screws and junctions … just interlockings and a little imagination.

A new construction system for simple but formally rich and attractive objects. Mus is a writting-desk that reinterprets the archetype of the trestle table in a funny way; Birdie is the answer to the question: How to make something curved and transparent with flat and opaque elements?


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