Monochrome | Istanbul, Turkey | D.ream, 2016

Located over an old Brewery founded by the Bomonti Brothers, the projects plays with images and photography related items to create a warm and nostalgic experience. Visitors will find essential features borrowed from a professional photo studio, such light boxes, diffusers, and umbrellas.

The concept playfully juxtaposes different materials and surfaces over some features of the pre-existing structure, while images by Turkish Photographer Mr. Tahsin Aydogmus are spread out over an oak louver, and below it, the high-back sofas designed specifically for this project.

The photography theme is also visible in the bar, designed to look like a huge light box where the visitor can spot a collection of diapositive slides found by the studio members in Istanbul flea markets. Old camera showcases and photography books complete the setting and give a great atmosphere to this new and trendy space.

The pictures, slides, light boxes, diffusers and umbrellas create a dreamy photo studio like experience for the visitor, who can embrace the nostalgia and longing for analogic photography, which can fulfill by visiting the new Leica shop through a door connecting both spaces.


Photography: Lagranja Design

Graphic Design: : Lagranja Design, Zeina Chehab, TBSP


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