JTI Turkish Headquarters | Istanbul, Tukey | Japan Tobacco International, 2017

The employees of the Turkish JTI headquarters (the global company that produces and distributes tobacco brands like Winston or Benson & Hedges) need some fresh air… They needed a better organization for the offices, as well as more human design, instead of a corporate space.

Inspired by the beautiful colors of the tobacco leafs and a japanese inspired air (the company is from Japan) Lagranja accomplished something almost unthinkable: a warm, cozy office… without corridors!
Each floor has a different color scheme based on the tobacco drying process: from dark green to ochre, brown and bright orange.

Being a Japanese company, the design subtly integrates some elements of its culture, like the use of wooden screens as room dividers, that divide as well as communicate the office different spaces.

To make more human this work space, the team used a photography exhibition commissioned to Elena Claverol. With Smokings Hands as title, the photographer has created a series of portraits showing hands holding a cigarette. Like faces, unseen in these pictures, these hands and gestures express their personality.



Photography: Ali Bekman


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