Hidden Colors

Hidden Colors


Valentine’s Varnishes takes part another year in Casa Decor and, as in every edition, with a proposal full of color in the space ‘Hidden Colors’, created by the design studio lagranja.
‘Hidden Colors’ transforms Valentine space into improvised showroom where are presented in premiere three unique objects designed and handmade by lagranja. Furnishings that are also a work of art.



Photography © Artur Muñoz, Porcuatro
Video © Hector Ferreño

The starting point for this installation is the children’s game in which is painted over with colors and add a black layer which, when scratched, reveals and creates a new drawing full of color shades.

This is how these three pieces of furniture are born. An engraved text above them tells the story behind each one. Discover ‘Nerve’, ‘Trapito’ and ‘Root’.

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