Basic Collection

Basic Collection

Lagranja Collection

In Lagranja we believe that good design is not always the most extreme.
Originality and innovation do not necessarily imply revolution or the need to turn upside down what other people have already done. Thus, the philosophy behind the Basic Collection was not one of gratuitous surprise or breaking of moulds.



Photography © Albert Font, Francesc Rabat, Fotodisseny
Video © Marc Castañé, Kiwi Bravo

This collection is based on solid ideas and respect for tradition: the elegance of Nordic design blended with the organic warmth of the Mediterranean. We employed simple but attractive forms, used only natural material such as wood, and took advantage of modern technology to bring the best out of traditional hand-crafted work. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts and brings us closer to the essence, to the Basic.

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