Berry Lamp

ME Sitges Terramar Hotel

The Berry Lamp is our biggest luminaire. It is also one of our dearest. Why? Because it is the perfect combination between a complex internal structure and the simplicity of the exterior shell.

The globes composing it come in 2 different module sizes, made of natural fiber and resin. The entire process of assembly is very interactive. As the globes are flat in the beginning, we use blown balloons to make them spherical. In order to do so, we firstly have to damp the globes to allow the resin to get softened and make the fibers flexible. After some hours hanging on the balloons, the resin dries and the fibers get hardened again in the form of perfect globes. The modules can be alternated in any way and the final shape resembles a berry. That’s what got inspired that’s where the name comes from. The warm, diffused lighting gives it a gracious, haloed image and it is also the reason why many people call it The Cloud Lamp.

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