La Petite Maison

La Petite Maison

Istanbul, Turkey


La Petite Maison is a small chain of luxury French restaurant spread over the world. Lagranja team was commissioned to design its new Turkish venue.
The restaurant is located in a two store building near Istinye Park, Istanbul. Lagranja started off by investigating how a classical environment can become strikingly modern and vice versa.

The sense of fluidity in the circulation is also ensured by the use of natural plants, distributed all over the spaces: in pots, green walls and staircase as well as on the façade.



Photography © Yoo, Lagranja Design

The main dining room, located on the first floor, is built around a big central bar. This layout establishes a fluid circulation between the dining room and the terrace. The bar, longer than 15 meters, serves as reception, salad bar and cocktail bar. Its importance is emphasized by a large, sculptural bespoke lamp, made out of glass and golden brass.

In this case, the challenge was to maintain a contemporary feeling of the space, but give it a classical twist. The final goal we aimed for was to create a place that stays loyal to the values of the brand, but also feels authentic to Lagranja’s identity. In order to achieve this, we proposed a very contemporary layout, combined with a classical selection of materials and finishes.

The brand’s identity is enriched by all the textures composing the space: natural stone and iroko wood for the flooring, lacquered ash tree for the walls, black glass and CNC sculpted white marble for the bistrot bar as well as the profuse presence of natural plants.

The furniture selection, the classical materials, the soft colors and the luxury elements add the final touch of elegance to the contemporary space.

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