ME Sitges Terramar Hotel

ME Sitges Terramar Hotel

Sitges, Spain

HI Partners,

Lagranja Design transforms the historic Hotel Terramar in Sitges.
It is said that it was in Sitges that the Spanish term ‘chiringuito’- that means open-air beach bar- first appeared, a concept imported by returning émigrés from Cuba during an epoch in which artists and the avant-garde where inspired by the town’s light and charm.



Photography © Joan Guillamat
Video © Marc Castañé

The first Hotel Terramar opened its doors in the 1930s. Nowadays the hotel has 213 rooms that are spread out over six floors. With 18 different layouts, the design concept had an extra layer of difficulty.


Artisan materials have inspired the interior and creative processes, in order to create one-off pieces of contemporary style that still maintain a traditional quality.





Singular design pieces born of craftsmanship.

The gypsum fish installation in the lobby contains 163 items. There are three typologies of elements, all of them made using various molds.


Materials and techniques in the Mediterranean tradition are present in the original furniture and lighting that the studio has designed and had made specifically for the hotel.

Basket ware, ceramic, macramé and terracotta are present in many of the decorative elements in the interior design of the new ME Sitges Terramar.



The singular pieces are combined with sofas and Basic XL armchairs; designed for the hotel and now forming part of the Basic Collection of Lagranja Collection.

The hotel has ten floors containing 211 guest rooms. Additionally, there are two suites, each one of them having a living with an office, as well as a terrace attached.

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