Istanbul, Turkey


Monochrome, a new Cafè Restaurant we designed in Turkey, is located in the space previously occupied by the first brewery in Istanbul, founded by the Bomonti brothers.
The design proposal plays with images and photography related items in order to create a warm atmosphere and elicit nostalgia. Therefore, the core elements of the project are the essential illumination items used in professional photo studios: light boxes, diffusers and umbrellas.



Photography © Lagranja Design

The concept playfully juxtaposes different materials and surfaces over some features of the pre-existing structure.

The photographs took by the Turkish Photographer Tahsin Aydogmus are displayed on top of an oak mesh, enriching the space and emphasizing the area of the high-back sofas specifically designed for this project.

The photography inspired theme is also present in the bar counter, designed to resemble a large light box where a collection of small photographs are displayed. The slides add authenticity to the space, as they were found in Istanbul’s flea markets. Showcases with old cameras and photography books represent the final touch and complete the historical yet contemporary atmosphere.






All these elements such as pictures, slides, light boxes, diffusers and umbrellas create a dreamy photo studio inspired experience for the user.

The overall space enhances nostalgia and forges sudden longing for analogic photography. This eagerness can be fulfilled by visiting the new Leica shop by accessing the door connecting both spaces.

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