Nandu Crockery

Nandu Crockery


Sargadelos commissioned us a haute cuisine crockery that had to be developed together with an outstanding chef.
We immediately thought of our good friend Nandu Jubany and decided to pay him a visit and try to understand his needs and concerns. After having long chats and observing how he usually works, the concept of the Nandu Crokery was born.



Photography © Lagranja Design

The Nandu crockery comprises five visually consistent pieces, aimed to frame gastronomical creations. Its unusual height is born not only to appeal to the client’s senses but to increase the delicacy’s value.

By designing a “botafumeiro” lid, we added a fun detail to the serving ritual. This cover allows you to smell the approaching meal without revealing its appearance, saving the surprise to the fortunate one that will unveil it.

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