Pans & Company

Pans & Company

Barcelona, Spain

Pans & Company,

The search for “something Mediterranean“ is the starting point for redesigning the image of the chain of the same name (“lo mediterraneo“).
The new concept of space aims at conveying traditional values and a personality that is authentic, relaxed and full of color. It is based on diversity and on multiple options for eating and drinking: areas with different types of furniture: high, shared tables with stools, tables and chairs, benches, sofas and bars.



Photography © Sonia Hirai
Marketing and graphic design © Morillas Brand Design

Materials and coverings, graphic design and lighting offer a range of possible combinations that guarantee the unique nature of each outlet, avoiding the repetitious model of chain outlets.
The first pilot space was created in Barcelona, in Plaça de Urquinaona. The company is currently in a phase of expansion, and is applying the new image to all its brand outlets, that number over a hundred.

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