Petit Comité Restaurant

Petit Comité Restaurant

Barcelona, Spain

Majectic Hotel Group,

Lagranja creates a relaxed contemporary atmosphere for Michelin starred chef Nandu Jubany’s new restaurant.
Located in the very heart of Barcelona – part of the Majestic Hotel Group – Petit Comitè offers Catalan classic cuisine with a contemporary twist.
So does the design, mixing a few interesting ingredients: a huge wooden dish drainer – used as a screen – gives privacy to the main dining room, keeping the busy tapas bar apart.
Lagranja pays homage to the recently deceased Rafael Marquina transforming his iconic oil/vinegar set into a lamp.



Photography © Miquel Coll
Applied graphics © Marnich Associates & Noemí Batllori

Two unexpected geese – the chef’s new mascot – welcome the customer at the entrance. A playful touch in a sophisticated high end restaurant.

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