Lagranja’s team at your feet

Project name
Arrels Barcelona
Arrels Barcelona


This summer you can have Lagranja’s team at your feet: the studio worked together with the show brand Arrels Barcelona and developed four different models for its 2017 spring-summer collection.
Lagranja is among the group of artists and creative professionals chosen by the brand to create the collection of these espadrille inspired shoes. Having this mind, Gabriele and Gerard started drawing patterns with absolute freedom, unleashing their creativity and using all kinds of techniques. Out of that experimentation four original patterns were born. The key of the dsigns lies in showing its handmade quality, where strokes and imperfections are highlighted.

Even though this is not the kind of project the studio usually works on-our first dip in the fashion world-, this collaboration has a lot in common with our projects: we had a lot of fun and worked without constraints or preconceptions.Lagranja Design has created four patterns for the new Arrels Barcelona collection: Nets, Dots, Flowers and Narrow Stripes, available at Arrels Barcelona, as well as in their points-of-sale in Spain, Germany, France, Japan, China and Australia.