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We are a dynamic company and we are kindred spirits.
We are interior and product designers, architects & strategists.
We have offices in Barcelona, Istanbul and Singapore

We connect dots between business and culture with bespoke design and interiors.

We are an emotionally engaged team. We have fun together and share a collective vision.

Welcome to our section of interior design in Barcelona!

No matter what kind of space you are looking to transform, here you will discover the magic that Lagranja’s interior design can bring to your environment. How? Fusing good style and the necessary functionality in a harmonious way. Find solutions for all types of locations at various scales: from corporate locations such as offices, to hospitality, bar and restaurant decoration, interior design for stores and retail, for exhibitions or large architectural projects… and even the best residential design for a home!

We invite you to explore how you can transform all these spaces in your own way from an expert point of view.

At Lagranja, where we have true design professionals, interior decoration goes beyond simply choosing furniture and colors. Decoration for us is the combination of creating environments that can be aesthetically pleasing, as well as comfortable and practical. Starting with an intelligent and optimal distribution of space that brings out the maximum potential of your interiors, to the careful choice of each of the details that compose them. But at the same time it is also emotion and fun, that’s why we like to work hand in hand so that every corner of your space reflects the lifestyle you want to convey and adapts to your daily needs.

For us the important thing is that your unique vision can be translated into a design that makes you feel comfortable, starting with the selection of your furniture and adding the final touch with the perfect lighting, all adapted to the project you have in mind. To do this, we help you choose every detail with precision to create an environment that not only reflects a great personality, but also responds satisfactorily to the needs of that great project.

And in order to achieve this, each design element must be integrated in a cohesive way. That’s why at Lagranja we make the best selection so that the combination of style and functionality achieves a perfect balance in every idea drawn. We want the reality to exceed your sketches!

Whether you are looking for a specific style such as classic, modern or eclectic, or if what you want is to exploit the potential of your space, our team has the necessary experience to materialize your dreams in a personalized way, achieving solutions that go beyond expectations. That’s why we encourage you to immerse yourself in our world.

Explore carefully each of our sections in search of the ideal design, and let yourself be inspired by taking a look at some of the projects that have already been carried out in collaboration with Lagranja throughout different parts of the world.

We have been to different parts of Spain, but also numerous times to Singapore, Italy, Turkey and even China and Hong Kong, and we want to get to where you are. Let us connect the dots that bring you together to a custom interior design.

What are you waiting for to transform your reality? Your passion for design is here!

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