Our approach

At Lagranja, design is an attitude. It’s a matter of ideas and strategies, never about trends. Every good design project starts with a great story. What’s Yours?

[ How ] we work

We Transform clever business ideas into tangible and memorable design experiences.

We Understand that design is a 360° process. We support our clients in their new ventures, and help them navigate rapidly changing scenarios. We Are Experienced in many different fields, and we learn from each one.

Product Design, Lighting Design
Product Design, Furniture Design
We take stories and ideas and make them into unique spaces and bespoke objects.

We Analyse, study and co-create with the client, together developing solutions that are affordable, do-able and transformative.
We Focus first on the forest, then the trees.
We Start with understanding the context and singularity of each project, and from there define its authenticity and narrative.

We Transform sketches into beautifully built environments

We Believe in the data, but we challenge it with common sense, creativity and intuition. We seek out the unexpected in every project we do.

Product Design, Object Design

We connect the dots between business and culture with bespoke design and interiors.

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