design matters

here, design matters

In all fields of architecture, interior and industrial design.

In all fields of architecture, interior and industrial design.

We turn good ideas into
memorable experiences with skill, transparency and efficiency.

We turn good ideas into memorable spaces and objects with skill, transparency and efficiency

( What ) we do

We help defining business concepts from a design perspective.

We connect the dots between business and culture with bespoke design and interiors.

Our goal is to create distinctive environments where design is at the core of the strategy, not just an added value.

We analyse, study and co-create with the client, together developing solutions that are affordable, do-able and transformative.

[ How ] we work

We approach design as
a meningful service.

We believe that good design is good business

We strive for harmony with all stakeholders; customers,investors, collaborators, and community as a whole.

We never stop learning.

{ Who } we are

We are a design firm since 2002

We work from Barcelona, Istanbul and Singapore

We are interior and product designers, architects and strategists.

We collaborate with engineers, project managers, graphic designers, lighting designers, software designers, economists, and retail and marketing experts.

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