The repetition of an organic module

Project name
Biscuit Lamp


Product Design, Lighting Design

When we think of porcelain what first comes to mind is, of course, dinner sets and figurines. We often forget that in thin layers, china is a great light diffuser. Lately we’ve been designing many lamps with innovative and technological materials. By choosing porcelain we wanted to go back in time, using an ancient material and crafty process. Caring more for warmth than shapes, thinking of imperfection as a value and not as a fault.  Enough reasons to involve our friends from Sargadelos in the project, they really know how to work with porcelain! Lost in a Galician village, between big ovens and plaster moulds, we thought we didn’t need to find a name for our lamp. Biscuit – the name given to ceramic fired at low temperature before glazing – worked just fine. Biscuit is family of lamps. The repetition of an organic module creates an interesting combination of lights and shadows. It is made in different sizes and shapes.