Located in the space previously occupied by the first brewery in Istanbul

Project name
Year completion
Istanbul, Turkey

Food & Beverage

Square meters
219’5 m2
Interior Design, Concept, FF&E and Craft

Photography © Lagranja Design

Interior Design, Restaurants

The studio has rehabilitated a space situated in the old Brewery in Istanbul founded by the Bomonti Brothers from Switzerland. In this space they made a statement using elements from analogical photography. This is how Monochrome becomes a stylish place to be, where all the traditional elements of a photo studio are displayed in every single corner.
Monochrome Brasserie wants to borrow essential features from a professional photo studio, such: light boxes, diffusers, and umbrellas. The concept playfully juxtaposes different materials and surfaces retaining some features of the pre-existing structure like space where a singular louver is placed, right there some images by Turkish professional Photographer Mr. Tahsin Aydogmus are spread out, and below it, the high-back sofas specially design for this project. The concept is also visible in the bar designed to be a huge light box where the visitor can spot a collection of diapositive slides found by the studio members in Istanbul flea markets. Old camera showcases and photography books complete the setting and give a great atmosphere to this new and trendy space.


This low-rise space strikes us with its furniture specially design by Lagranja. Once inside, the visitor can feel the resemblance to a photo studio—with its huge bar created to work as a light-box displaying several diapositive slides. A very special area at Monochrome Brasserie is where its high-back sofas are placed, below a stunning louver where images by the famous Turkish Photographer Mr. Tahsin Aydogmu are spread out on a shelf. The visitor can also go to the new Leica Shop through a door connecting both spaces. sm with modern Mediterranean flair.