The circuit of the beer fabrication

Project name
The Beer Dream Machine
Year completion
The Populist Bebek
Istanbul, Turkey

Food & Beverage

Square meters
845 m2
Interior Design, Concept & Craft

Photography ©Ali Bekman
Lighting consultant ©ReMM

Bespoke Lighting

Taking into consideration that the beer served in the restaurant is made in the first Populist, the design team was inspired to come up with a key element in the design: The Beer Dream Machine.
The installation represents a ceiling mounted sculptural piece that serves as lighting and simulates the circuit of the beer fabrication. This piece also implied the architectural intervention over the two floors of the brewery, as the second one was transformed into a balcony overlooking the main level.

This detail managed to direct the complete attention to the machine, as it can be easily noticed from every corner of the establishment. Therefore, the sculpture eventually becomes a complex machine and it almost feels alive, as the liquid is constantly flowing through the pipes and the lights are changing all through the day to create different atmospheres. At late hours they are dancing following the rhythm of the music playing in the brewery.

Bespoke Lighting
Bespoke Lighting