More Personality

Project name
Riviera Residential Building


Bespoke Sculpture

The Riviera Building is a skyscraper located in an old fishing port in Hong Kong. The owner loves to name the buildings, in order to give them more personality. One of our jobs as designers is also to enhance a building’s or object’s personality and in this case we started with the skyscraper’s common area that was rather depersonalized.

In order to do that, we went deeper in trying to find characters in tales and we found inspiration in “ Alice in Wonderland “. Later, on our way back to Barcelona, we went on and let our imagination flow and started sketching curious characters, mixing animals, sizes and typologies. We settled for a big, colorful lobster that seemed to be escaping the ocean near the Hong Kong port. Following the same technique we used for the Geese of the Petit Comité restaurant, we decided that it needs to be constructed out of lightweight galvanized metal mesh and get painted really colorfully. We’ve collaborated with sculpture artisans in Badalona that helped our 10 m long character become reality, the main protagonist, the guard of the Riviera building.