A new visual Identity

Project name
Clay Ball Mural
Hotel Empordà Golf Club


Bespoke Art

Lagranja Design’s philosophy is to create exclusive, bespoke pieces of furniture and decor for each project, instilling it with a singular identity and competitive edge based on the values of thoughtful design.

Lagranja Design invited two well-known illustrators – Emiliano Ponzi and Ricard Jorge – to create a visual theme for the hotel; images that recall posters from the golden age of travel and celebrate the game of golf itself. These have been hung, in various sizes, in the common areas of the hotel and the rooms, creating a strong brand identity that communicates the hotel’s revived spirit and purpose. This message hits a high note in a 6 by 6 meter ‘live’ mural made of local clay. Conceived by Lagranja and artist Matilde Grau, members of the hotel’s golfing club were asked to put their ball against its surface while it was still wet, creating a lunar-esque texture and eternal reminder of their club’s ‘new era.

Bespoke Art
Bespoke Art