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Basic Collection
Lagranja Collection


Product Design, Furniture Design

The Basic Collection was born out of a project carried out by Lagranja Design in 2012. The studio needed to create a nice, elegant-looking armchair on a limited budget for a hotel. This is how the Basic Armchair was born with just 15 units produced. The hotel guests were taking photos and showing interest in it and this humble armchair became famous on the internet… and the first orders started to roll in.
The collection is carefully produced with the attention to detail typical of the craftsman tradition, using only quality materials. Basic seeks simple shapes and traditional styles being in the same time extremely modern: it combines the elegance of Scandinavian design with the warmth of the Mediterranean and an overall fresh, fun look; things that are present in all Lagranja Design’s projects.

Product Design, Furniture Design
Product Design, Furniture Design