Furniture design

From chairs to coffee mugs, electric kettles to sports medals. Big to small. Everyday design with everlasting impact.

Ready to merge style and functionality in furniture design?

Each piece is a work of art that transforms your spaces with Lagranja. From chairs to coffee mugs, our commitment ranges from the large to the small, offering designer furniture that leaves a big impact on your environment.

Our main desire is to go beyond the ordinary. Every detail of our furniture design is carefully thought out to merge style and functionality. These are not just objects, but experiences created to enhance your daily life. From the sleek lines to the choice of materials, each piece is an expression of our passion for the art of furniture.

Whether it’s for the living room, the office or any special corner of your home, our designer furniture is created to fit every space. From office furniture that combines practicality and elegance, to furniture pieces that enhance the aesthetics of your home. Each creation is a response to the diversity of your needs and tastes.


Experience with Lagranja the elegance in every corner of your home with our design furniture. Each piece not only fulfills its function, but also adds a touch of sophistication to your spaces. Whether it’s an ergonomic chair that fuses comfort and style, or a coffee table that becomes the center of attention, our design furniture is the perfect choice for those who seek excellence in every detail.

We don’t just create furniture; we aspire to leave an impact on our customers. Every piece, from chairs to electric kettles, makes a total statement of durability and timeless design.

Discover how our designer furniture transforms your spaces into places that reflect your style and stand the test of time.This is a unique experience with Lagranja, where having furniture goes beyond basic function. It becomes expressions of art that enrich your life.

Redefine your spaces with our collection of designer furniture and experience the perfect fusion of style and practicality.

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